Finding Family in the Workplace

Jeff, captain and deckhand at Casco Bay Lines in Portland Maine, is a good example of someone who loves his job and the people he works with.


Can we change the “Have to go to college” conversation?

Why is it educators are telling students that in order for them to “be successful” they need to go to college? Can someone be successful in the workplace without a college degree? I would argue YES! Are our youth told that? NO. Are young people going to college and dropping out at alarming rates? YES….

Learning the Ropes, From the Bottom Up, Even if You Have a Degree

Should we talk to college graduates about the possibility of entering the workforce and “learning the ropes” from the bottom up? College graduates are anxious to start their careers, test their skills, and make their mark on the world! Charged up with years of studying, these graduates can’t wait to get hired and prove their…

Show Me Don’t Tell Me: A story about discovering the right educational fit for someone with an Auditory Learning Disorder

Education for people with Auditory Learning Disorders can often be very discouraging. Alyssa has an auditory learning disorder which means she “finds it difficult to stay focused on or remember a verbal presentation or lecture” and benefits from strategies that “show rather than explain.” She was a Scarborough High School student, frustrated with school, had…